Opposing Viewpoints Series

I've contributed chapters to several textbooks in the "Opposing Viewpoints" series. I think these books are a great way to look at controversial issues. Not just because they include material by me! (I don't get any royalties on these, so my only bias is the small ego factor of having a chapter included!) No, I like them because they present controversial issues by giving arguments for both sides, written by the people on each side. You often see books where, say, an anti-gun control person explains both the anti-gun position and the pro-gun position; or an atheist explains both the atheist view and the Christian view. Of course people rarely give the best possible argument for their opponents. Even if they are struggling to be fair and honest, it's hard to make a convincing case for something you don't believe in. And of course people doing this often give only the weakest arguments their opponent has, and then quickly dismiss them. In these books, each side is given an opportunity to present their best arguments. I guess you could still be biased by picking poor representatives of one side or the other, but I don't think they did that here.

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