No Errors in my Bible, Sorry About Yours

by Mark Johansen

Is the Bible filled with scientific and historical errors?
Does it repeatedly contradict itself?
Indeed, was it written by "pious frauds" centuries after the fact?

No. No. And no.

This book takes on over 90 claimed errors and contradictions in the Bible point by point and shows how the Bible is right and the critis are wrong.

Among the questions and challenges discussed are:

  • Did Jesus really live?
  • Where did Cain get his wife?
  • Does the Bible give a wrong value for pi?
  • How could all the animals have fit on the ark?
  • Has science proven that miracles are impossible?


  1. Introduction
  2. Science - Specific
  3. Science - General
  4. Inspiration and Authorship
  5. History
  6. Mathematics
  7. Contradictions
  8. Miscellaneous
  9. Conclusions

The author is a software engineer by profession. He has developed computer systems for manufacturing, marketing, medical, and military organizations. He has written articles for computer and science magazines; contributed chapters to books on criminology, economics, and civil rights; and published a book on database design. Johansen lives in Michigan with his daughter, his books, and his computers.

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