The Geography of Heaven

by Mark Johansen

If we believe that Heaven is real, we should not expect it to look like a cartoon. The fairy tale picture of Heaven as a place where the souls of the departed have tiny wings and fly around on clouds, wearing white robes and playing harps, has very little to do with what the Bible says about Heaven.

The Bible describes an Eternity more complex place than most people think. It is not just Heaven and Hell. The Bible also talks about Sheol, Hades, Tartarus, Gehenna, the Lake of Fire, the Abyss, New Jerusalem, Paradise, New Heaven and New Earth. In this book I discuss all these different places in Eternity and what the Bible says about each. The book is structured around this list of all the places. Hence the "geography" of Eternity. There are even several maps.

And hereís a funny point: Nowhere does the Bible say that anyone goes to Heaven when they die. Thatís someplace else.


  1. The Popular View
  2. Preliminary Stuff
  3. Plan of Attack
  4. Saints & Sinners
  5. Itinerary
  6. A Tour of Eternity
  7. Maps of the Universe
  8. Places Revisited
  9. Conclusions

The author is a software engineer by profession. He has developed computer systems for manufacturing, marketing, medical, military, and hotel applications, working directly and as a consultant. He has written articles for computer and science magazines, and contributed chapters to textbooks on criminology, economics, and civil rights. His previous books were on database design and the reliability of the Bible. Johansen lives in Michigan with a son and a daughter, a pile of books, and his computers.

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